Training Opportunities

helicopter dropping off cadets

Opportunities *:

Air Assault School

Airborne School

Northern Warfare School

Sapper School

Survival Escape and Evasion

Dive School

Army Mountain Warfare School

Jungle Warfare School

Robin Sage (Special Forces support)

Project GO- Domestic and Overseas Language and Cultural Studies

ROTC Basic Camp (makes up for first 2 years of ROTC)

ROTC Advance Camp (leadership and military skills assessment). Required

Cadet Leadership Training. Cadets mirror an Active Duty Officer to see the daily routine and life

Internships: Army Sci-ence Board, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, National Security Agency, U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD), Rapid Equipping Force, Army Chaplaincy, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, The Army Judge Advocate General, Army Public Affairs, Nurse Summer Training Program, and others.

*Not all opportunities are available every summer and  slots are competative.