Comparison: Civilian Professional vs Army Officer


Civilian Professional

Army Officer

Vacation2-3 weeks per year30 days per year
Sick DaysLimitedUnlimited with full pay and allowances
Medical/DentalSome or all at own expenseFREE
RetirementSocial Security at age 62 and own retirement planCan retire after 20 years active service
Pay RaisesDetermined by employerAutomatic raises every 2 years
ShoppingCivilian storesReduced prices and tax-free at base exchange and commissary
Life InsuranceAt own expense$500,000 term policy for around $18 per month
Job SecurityDepends on jobAmerica will always need Officers in the Army
SalaryDepends on your major and career path. Jobs are also hard to find these days for recent graduates.

Active Duty Second Lieutenants start at $60,000