Swearing to Support and Defend- Commissioning May 2020

Swearing to Support and Defend...App ROTC newly Commissioned 2LTs. Congratulations— Serve and Lead Well.

2LT Angelo Bianchi        International Business     Active Duty Military Intelligence

2LT Gus Coffey                Public Health                        Active Duty Armor

2LT Brendan Counts    Political Science                Army Reserve Military Police

2LT Jesse Durham        Criminal Justice                  Active Duty Ordinance

2LT Hannah Godfrey    Psychology                          Active Duty Chemical Corp

2LT Lu Lue                        Business Management     Active Duty Infantry

2LT Brooks Peterson     Political Science                 National Guard Infantry

2LT Garrett Sandy          Construction Management     Active Duty Infantry

2LT Trenton Urdi            Speech Communication      Active Duty Adjutant General  --Branch Detail Infantry

LTC Kleman(Professor of Military Science and Chair) with May Commissioning Cohort


LTC Kleman, PMS, and May Comissionees
Published: May 15, 2020 3:10pm