Swearing to Support and Defend

Newest Commissioned Army Officers and App State Alumni!! (10 May 2019)

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Kleman, Professor of Military Science at Appalachian State, administered the Army Oath of Office to 12 new Officers at the Valborg Theater


New Second Lieutenants  Brandon Wilkins (NC National  Guard, Engineer); Jeremy Tuggle (Active Army, Infantry); Meg Stevenson (Active Army, Armor); Benjamin Pritchett (Active Army, Infantry); Dustin Osborne (Active Army, Field Artillery), Kylie Mattingly (Active Army, Military Police-detailed Chemical Corp); James Mackey (Active Army, Quartermaster); Ricky Finegan (Active Army, Armor ); James Gehret (Active Army, Military Intelligence); Aaron Durand ( Army Reserve, Military Intelligence); Chandler  Case (Active Army, Quarter Master) and Sam Boyles (Active Army, Aviation).

App Alumni, Colonel Craig Mix (88), was the guest speaker. Colonel Mix is the Chief of Military Programs for the U.S. Army Center of Military History.


10 May Army Oath Swearing In
Published: May 11, 2019 12:19pm