Pershing Rifles National Conference in Charlotte, NC. March 2018

The 2018 Pershing Rifles National Competition proved to be another strong showing for the riflemen of Appalachian State’s Company M-4! Members of Company M-4 had the privilege of travelling to Concord, NC this year to compete. The Great Wolf Lodge played host to the society this year as well as provided accommodations for the annual formal dinner. Rifleman Angela Ruiz brought home the gold for Company M-4 by placing first in the platoon regulation category! Company M-4 also had three riflemen awarded medals of achievement for their hard work over the past year and dedication to the society; two bronze and one silver. This marks two years in a row that company M-4 has managed to place in platoon regulation. The total for the last two National Competitions for M-4 currently stands at third place for squad regulation, second and first place in platoon regulation, one National Society Scholarship award, three achievement medals, and the title of Best Company in 2017. Company M-4 looks forward to another great year of competition and another chance to bring home the title of Varsity Rifles! --Cadet Aldridge.

Below. Company M-4 celebrates another great performance and competition. 


First Place in the Platoon Regulation
Published: Mar 16, 2018 4:34pm