A New “Dive” App ROTC Mountaineer

This summer I was afforded the opportunity to attend the US Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School with 13 other cadets from across the nation. To be a Combat Diver, we first had to pass the Maritime Assessment Course (MAC) in Fort Lewis, Washington. This three-week assessment is designed to test the mental fortitude of future divers by putting us through stressful events daily and preparing us for the mental and physical rigors found at Dive school in Key West. After passing the MAC, I went to Key West where I trained with the Special Forces and Rangers for the next five weeks. Throughout these five weeks we learned open circuit diving techniques, closed circuit diving, underwater navigation, nautical navigation, helocast operations, and Combat Rubber Raiding Craft tactics. Going through Combat Dive School taught me the importance of staying calm in stressful situations, and will help me with my future career as an Army Officer. Combat Dive School was one of the most memorable times of my life, and I recommend it to all future cadets looking for a unique and challenging experience.

App ROTC Cadet Jeremy Tuggle

Published: Jul 17, 2017 11:00am