Commando Qualification Course (CQC)

CQC, or the Commando Qualification Course, is the final test that future Commandos must pass before they become full members of the club. These cadets have worked hard all year and have been through prerequisite training such as Land Navigation, first aid, claymore mines, call for fire, and squad tactics.

To make it to CQC, a cadet must first pass TTIS, Tactics and Training for the Individual Soldier. This is where the cadets are tested on medical, first aid, claymore mines, and call for fire, all while enduring over 12 hours of stressful physical training.

CQC is a combination of all testable skills they have learned, and also their leadership and physical fitness abilities. Cadets going through CQC take an Army APFT (PT Test), complete a full land navigation course, finish a timed 12-mile ruck march, and show their leadership skills during squad tactics scenarios. If the cadet can pass around 24 hours of these difficult tasks, they earn their Commando tab to be worn on their uniform.

Being a tabbed Commando is an honor and a tradition in the Mountaineer Battalion and these Commandos continue to teach the rest of the Battalion the skills they have learned along the way.

Congratulations to Cadets Best, Hodges and DiMaio!

Cadets Best, Hodges and DiMaio

cadets participating in the commando qualification course
Published: Feb 18, 2017 7:09pm