Bringing Home a Trophy

App ROTC's Ranger Challenge Team took 3rd out of 38 teams in the annual challenging competition involving military skills and physical endurance. This year's competition was on Saturday 19 February and at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia. Among the events, the competitors endured were the Army Combat Fitness Test, M4 Rifle qualification, Land Navigation, an obstacle course, a tactics lane, two-timed ruck marches, military equipment familiarization test, and several physical challenges.

Team Litter Carry: 





Front Row Left to Right: Dustin Eldridge (Junior); Genevieve Robertie (Senior); Jon Spaar (Junior); Wiley Eaton (Senior); Brian Richardson (Senior)

Second Row Left to Right: Michael Brown (Junior); Nicholas Ruiz (Junior); Aidan Fox (Sophomore); Luke Nygard (Senior); RJ Havens (Sophomore); Molly Setliff (Senior)

The Third Place Trophy:


Fire on The Mountain!!

App 2022 Ranger Challenge Team
Published: Feb 22, 2022 2:52pm