2018 App State Mountaineer Battalion Dining Out

Friday, 6 April 2018. Cadets from the Mountaineer Battalion attended the annual Dining out. This is a formal ceremony that families and dates of Cadets are welcomed to attend. During the ceremony, there is always a guest speaker that is a ranking officer who offers wise words to the Cadets. This year’s guest speaker was COL Sean Barnes. COL Barnes is a 1992 graduate of the program and currently the Commander of the 1st ROTC Brigade. He spoke briefly to the Cadets about the ever changing society we live in and how our up and coming officers will have to adapt in order to lead Soldiers in this generation of bipolar politics and social media. He also advised the graduating seniors to pay close attention to their Non Commissioned Officers as a new Lieutenant, since they historically are the best mentors. He closed with a few comments about his family and how important it is to maintain a balance between home life while also always being there for the Soldiers and mission. Prior to COL Barnes’ remarks, LTC (R) Van Ritch, Class of 72, who had a storied military and civilian career, was inducted in the ASU ROTC Distinguished Alumni Gallery.  The night concluded with the graduating seniors, soon to be commissioned Army Officers, formally being “pinned” by family or friends with the insignia of the Army Branch they will serve in. --Cadet Simpson

Colonel Sean Barnes (92) speaks at the Dining Out


Table of Fun Cadets and Dates at Dining Out
Published: Apr 12, 2018 8:54am